Field Scouting, Testing, and Recommendations

Our field staff can help advise you on nearly any crop grown in the region. Our agronomists, horticulturists and field scouts monitor our customers’ fields and deliver trusted recommendations.

Crop Protection and Plant Health

Crop protection and plant health are important factors for all crops. Using the right crop protection products can protect your yields and increase efficiency and productivity. With a comprehensive selection of pesticides, we can help manage any undesirable pest or plant species. Contact us for product information and availability.

Testing and Analysis

Analysis of your soil helps us determine nutrient content, composition, acidity and pH level. We can determine nutrient deficiencies, potential toxicities from excessive fertilizer, and inhibitions from the presence of non-essential trace minerals. Using Marion Ag crop consultants for your testing means you are getting experts that are familiar with the chemistry of Pacific Northwest soils. Contact us for more details.


Marion Ag offers scouting services. Your field will be scouted by a trained professional and will produce documented, periodic reports.

Scouting Services Detail

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