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Growers needing organic solutions can rely on Marion Ag for quality, certified (WSDA, OMRI and CDFA) products from our Pro-Pell-It line.  We offer organic meals, sulfates, poultry litter and amendments.  Many of these products can be custom blended to meet your growing goals.

Turf Fertilizers

SitePro fertilizers are precision formulated utilizing 4R Nutrient Stewardship.  SitePro makes getting the right nutritional source applied at the right rate, time and place easy as 1,2,3,4!


POLYON by Harrell’s has been the trusted name for controlled-release fertilizers for over 20 years. POLYON’s special polymer coating controls the rate of fertilizer being released over a particular timeframe. By calculating the needs of your plants, our Horticultural Specialists can select the proper POLYON product for any application.


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St. Paul Brand has been providing growers throughout the Pacific Northwest with fundamental nutritional products for over twenty years. Rooted in the idea that growers in our community should have easy access to commonly used agronomic staples, like 16-16-16 and Premix 2000.

Liquid Nutritionals


Tesserlendo Kerley’s Crop Vitality liquid fertilizers are adaptive across all growing scenarios.