CropWatch by Marion Ag Service

Provide growers access to data generating tools that are cost appropriate to their operation. This data asset can be leveraged to enhance decision making and reduce risk.

Data based monitoring.


Does your farm, vineyard or nursery have a digital strategy?  Marion Ag can help define and assemble the layers of data that become an appreciating digital asset.  Our CropWatch suite of services enables the customization of digital information for your operations crop management.  Whether its a tried and true decades old test or a new technology, we have taken the time to evaluate its use in monitoring, analyzing and taking action on the variables that impact your crops.

  • Standard soil tests provide information for amendment recommendations. We analyze base saturation of soil cations to achieve a balanced pH.
  • Variable rate zone application derived from grid sampling can identify variability in your field.  Prescriptive application files are produced and delivered by our VRT-equipped spreaders.  It assures proper placement of your investment.
  • Soil Health Lab Assessment which is commonly know as a Haney Test index C:N ratios, CO2 respiration, and water-extractable nutrients.
  • Soil Health indicators in real time with a quick soil test and phone app.
  • DNA Soil Biome test provides  functional soil analysis that identifies quantitative populations of microbes in your soil.
  • Leaf Extract analysis delivers advanced nutrient information to make key decisions about nutrient strategies that support plant health.  It identifies nutrient movement and demand within the plant at key growth stages.
  • Traditional Tissue (leaf or petiole) sample.  Utilizes industry- recognized nutrient levels to determine if “Law of Minimum” is a limiting factor in crop production.
  • Daily satellite imagery with 3-meter resolution allows our team to assist in identifying and acting on variables that impact your crop.
  • For greater resolution, Marion Ag can utilize our Drone to identify areas that require enhanced details for optimum management.
  • Marion Ag is a partnered dealer with Davis Instruments.  Davis’ EnviroMonitor is more than just a weather station.  We can measure a wide array of variables that impact your crops.
  • Whether you choose monthly service utilizing our fleet of sensors and transmission station or purchase a customized Davis system, you can rest assured in its performance.  Davis has one of the longest tenures in the sensing business.
  • Marion Ag has always had a robust, quantitative scouting report with data collected by trained field scouts.
  • To make your scouting data easier to consume and long-term trends easier to analyze, Marion Ag can now bring your scouting reports right to your fingertips via your smartphone.

Marion Ag can assist with gathering and documenting practices associated with your crops.  As us about LIVE, Global Gap services