Liquid Nutritionals

Liquid Nutritionals


Tessenderlo Kerley’s Crop Vitality liquid fertilizers are adaptive across all growing scenarios. When complimented with staples like AN 20, UAN 32, 10-34, and soluble potash, the TKI lineup can be fined tuned to accommodate any nutritional needs.

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UAN 32

Description:  A combination of urea and ammonium nitrate, UAN 32, is clear liquid with a slight tint commonly used in agricultural crops across the US.
Analysis: 32-0-0 
Brand: St. Paul Brand (supplied by International Raw Materials)  
Label: UAN 32-0-0


Description: 10-34-0 is an ammonium polyphosphate solution with a high concentration of available phosphorus.
Analysis: 10-34-0 
Brand: St. Paul Brand (supplied by Simplot)
Label: 10-34-0 Label

SDS: 10-34-0 SDS

AN 20

Description: AN 20 is solutionized ammonium nitrate containing 10% ammoniacal nitrogen and 10% nitrate nitrogen.
Analysis: 20-0-0
Brand: St. Paul Brand (supplied by Simplot)
Label: Ammon-Nitrate-20-0-0

SDS: Ammon-Nitrate-20-0-0 SDS


Description: N-Sure 28-0-0 is a clear liquid containing the patented slow-release nitrogen compound TRIAZONE. TRIAZONE nitrogen means increased crop safety, increased nitrogen absorption, translocation and remobilization when used on agricultural crops including vegetable, fruit, nut, and field crops.  
28-0-0 with 20% slow release  
Brand: Tessenderlo Kerley 

Label: N-Sure 28-0-0 Label


Calcium Thiosulfate

Description: Calcium Thiosulfate, or CaTs, is a neutral to basic, chloride-free, clear solution containing 6% calcium and 10% thiosulfate sulfur. 
Analysis: 6% Ca, 10% S 
Brand: Tessenderlo Kerley
Label:  CaTs Label and Application Guide


Potassium Thiosulfate

Description: Potassium Thiosulfate, or KTS, is a neutral to basic, chlorine-free, clear liquid containing 25% potash and 17% S. 
Analysis: 25% K, 17% S
Brand: Tessenderlo Kerley
Label: KTS Label and Application Guide
SDS: KTS-Potassium Thiosulfate SDS

Magnesium Thiosulfate

Description: Magnesium Thiosulfate, or MagThio, is a neutral to slightly acidic, chloride free, clear solution containing 4% magnesium and 10% thiosulfate sulfur. 
Analysis: 4% Mg, 10% S
Brand: Tessenderlo Kerley
Label: MagThio Label and Application Guide
SDS: Mag Thiosulfate SDS

Ammonium Thiosulfate

Description: Ammonium Thiosulfate, or Thio-Sul, is the original nitrogen-sulfur plant nutrient solution instrumental in unlocking the full potential of your fertility program. Thio-Sul is a clear liquid containing 12% N and 26% S and is the most popular S-containing product used in the fluid fertilizer industry.  
Analysis: 12% N, 26% S 
Brand: Tessenderlo Kerley
Label: Thio-Sul Label and Application Guide
SDS: Thio-Sul SDS

Trisert N 30-0-0

Description: Trisert N 30-0-0 is similar to N-Sure in that it contains TRIAZONE, a patented, slow-release nitrogen compound. Trisert N is composed of 15% urea nitrogen and 15% slow- release nitrogen from TRIAZONE. 
Analysis: 30-0-0
Brand: Tessenderlo Kerley
Label:  Trisert-N+ Fertilizer Label

SDS: Trisert-N+ SDS

2100 Liquid Nursery Mix

Description: 2100 Liquid Nursery Mix is a solution blend formulated by the agronomist at Marion Ag to compliment our Premix 2000. This nursery mix is comprised of UAN 32, Trisert N, 10-34, KTS, Iron Chelate, and Liquid Humic Acid with 3.22% of the total nitrogen being slow-release from TRIAZONE.  
Analysis: 17.60-2-4 2.7% S, .25% Fe
Brand: St. Paul Brand
Label: 2100 Liquid Nursery Mix 17.6-2-4 #242
SDS: St Paul Brand Liquid Fertilizer Product SDS

Greenhouse Liquid Mix 8-4-8

Description: 8-4-8 Greenhouse Liquid Mix is a 2:1:2 ratio liquid fertilizer formulated for use in greenhouse production. This mix is comprised of  10-34, KTS, Trisert N, and three different sources of iron. It also contains 3.45% slow-release nitrogen from TRIAZONE and 1.5% humic acid.  
Analysis: 8-4-8 5% S, .2% Fe
Brand: St. Paul Brand
Label: 8-4-8 Greenhouse Liquid Mix #1632
SDS: St Paul Brand Liquid Fertilizer Product SDS