Technical Services

We pride ourselves on the character and aptitude of our employees. Our team’s expertise is broad and varied, allowing us to offer a number of standalone services on a for-fee or contract basis.

Field scouting, Testing,
and Recommendations

Marion Ag can measure your crop needs preseason or
in-season. As results are collected, either digitally or by experienced agronomists and scouts, you will be presented with standardized, trustworthy, and effective recommendations.

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CropWatch by
Marion Ag Service

This service provides growers access to data generating tools that are
cost-appropriate to their operation. This data asset can be leveraged to enhance decision making and reduce risk.

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Seed Processing

Marion Ag cleans and processes over 15 million pounds of seed grown in the Willamette Valley each year. We have earned the trust of growers to help ready their seed crops for marketing to the most quality-conscious buyers.

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Sand Services

Marion Ag services both industrial and sports turf markets with sand products.
We specialize in pneumatic delivery and packaging of kiln-dried sands.

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Market-Specific R&D

Our in-house staff and resources deliver industry-best solution vetting for our partners. Whether it’s a simple field
side-by-side or replicated trial work, our team can properly evaluate nutritional, crop protection, and biological solutions.

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