Traditional Soil Amendments

Traditional Soil

We are your lime, dolomite and gypsum resource. Field applied or prilled, Marion Ag has the
resources and expertise to manage your soil pH for your growing needs.

Soil structure, soil health, and nutrient efficiency all start with calcium amendments.


Custom Application

Marion Ag sources local lime and dolomite flour that has proven its performance is area fields year over year.  We have a committed fleet of pneumatic trucks and buggies ready for your fields.  Whether you have a flat rate or variable rate precision application we have the equipment to get the job done.


Prilled Product

In 2000, Marion Ag began producing Pro-Pell-It! prilled lime, dolomite, and gypsum.  The free-flowing and low dust product is the industry standard for landscapes, nurseries, and any other application that cannot utilize flour forms.



OSU Liming Guide

OSU Acidification Guide