Organics and Biologicals

Our Pro-Pell-It! brand is known for its purity and multiple certifications. We can supply single components by the bag or custom blend for larger applications.

Your first and last stop for organic supplies.

For over a decade, Marion Ag has been working with manufacturers and suppliers to bring natural, high-quality nutrient inputs to growers across the US. Free of synthetic fertilizers, these organic products work with the naturally occurring microorganisms and fungi found in your soil to feed plants and stimulate growth. All of our products are processed and blended at our organic facility located in Aurora, OR. We currently stock over 50 different fertilizers, amendments, and biological.

Marion Ag is proud to have many of our products certified for use in organic systems by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI), California’s Organic Input Materials (OIM), and by the Washington Department of Agriculture. Growers are encouraged to check with our staff for the current organic status of our products, or with their organic certifying agent to determine a product’s eligibility.

Products and services include:

  • Animal Meals
  • Plant-based Meals
  • Poultry Litter
  • Prilled Lime, Dolomite, and Gypsum
  • Humic Acid
  • Natural Minerals
  • Sulfate-based Micronutrients
  • Biological Additives
  • Granulated and Pelleted Meals
  • Custom Blending

Please see our Pro-Pell-It! Products page for our core organic offering or feel free to reach out to our staff for a current list of organic products.

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