Market Specific R&D

Market Specific R&D

Our in-house staff and resources deliver industry best solution vetting for our industry partners. Whether it’s a simple field side-by-side or replicated trial work our team can properly evaluate nutritional, crop protection, or biological solutions.

Objective feedback you can count on.



Marion Ag is proud to provide growers with a dependable resource for testing and evaluating new products or practices. We understand the need for a trusted, unbiased vetting of claims regardless of their origin. Our in-house staff can start helping you at the ground level by speaking from experience and using their decades of industry knowledge to evaluate any claims made by manufacturers or other growers.


If warranted, our team can take it one step further by designing the appropriate trial and collecting the data to prove or disprove these claims. Whether it’s evaluating the efficacy of a new organic chemistry on powdery mildew or trying to find the best slow-release technology for turf in the Pacific Northwest, our team has the resources and experience to help.